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Normandy Battlefield Tours

It was a genuinely fascinating experience. Both Dom and I greatly appreciated the enthusiasm and informed knowledge that you brought to the trip, which really helped to bring the events of of 1944 to life, such as the taking of Pegasus Bridge, or Hillman, or the Polish action at the Petite Ravine, or the death of Wittman. Our heads were spinning by the evening as there was so much packed into both days. 
I also wanted to thank you for the hours of research that you must have completed before the trip, and the folders packed full of fascinating primary sources. I particularly appreciated the time and effort you personally spent in researching the action in which our Grandfather died, and I know that our mother does also.

The respect which you showed to the memory of those involved in 1944 was also greatly appreciated. Your guidance on the trip, such as at Mont Ormel, greatly helped us to understand and appreciate their bravery and sacrifices.

'Swords and Black Swans' two-day tour May 2016  -

This was a single-day Sword Beach tour followed by a second day 1st Polish Armoured Division Tour.