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Normandy Battlefield Tours

A Churchill ARVE Tank (1Charlie) with a Petard Mortar
at Graye-Sur-Mer, Juno Beach.

A preserved German Tiger I tank, type E number 231, 

at Vimoutiers.


A Sherman Tank M4A2  of the 1/501st R.C.C.  2nd French Armoured Division.

Hit and burnt out on the edge of Ecouche on 15th August 1944. 

A Sherman Tank M4A1 of the 1st Polish Armoured Division.

Named after Major-General  Maczek the division's  commander.  

Pictured at Montormel  Memorial.

Stuart M3A3 light tank.

Le Grand Bunker Musee le Mur De L'AtlantiqueOuistreham.

M8 Light Armored Car  - 'Greyhound' as used by Recce units. Memorial de Mont Ormel

A British  Centaur IV tank at Pegasus bridge armed with a 95mm Howitzer gun.  Pictured in 2013. This was recently repainted at the Pegasus Bridge museum.















A mark VII Churchill tank on Hill 112.  Operation Jupiter Tour.

M4A4 Sherman tank at the Patton Memorial in Avranches.
Jagdpanzer 38(t) Hetzer - a light tank destroyer at The Battle of Normandie Museum Bayeux.
An American M10 Tank Destroyer (Woolverine), armed with a 76mm gun. 

Pictured here at The Battle of Normandie Museum, Bayeux.