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Latest tour testimonial:

Four-Day Normandy Battlefield Tour July 2019.  Robin lives and breathes the Battle of Normandy. Clearly this is his passion and he skilfully wove a story of the events leading up to D-Day, the landings and the aftermath. He produced maps, articles and props and a take home booklet personalised for our tour that helped us to better understand what we were visiting. We had some stops on our tour that anyone touring the area themselves would not know about but he highlighted the huge significance they had in World War 2 and by the end of our four days with him, all the parts came together. Robin left us with a sense of the logistics and strategies of these battles. The magnitude of the undertaking was massive but seeing and hearing the stories from Robin gave us a much better appreciation of that.    Coralee ON Canada

Five-day Normandy 75 Commemorative Tour June 2019.   I want to also let you know that my brother in law and I had a fantastic experience and can’t say enough about Robin. He made our trip a “ magical history tour”. His knowledge and passion for the history of the Normandy invasions and subsequent battles was amazing.  He made it all come alive and he far exceeded our expectations of what we expected our tour to be. He truly made us feel like we were “Walking in the Footsteps “ of the Greatest Generation.   Mike  USA

Single-day Canadian Normandy Battlefield Tour May 2019.  We very much enjoyed our Normandy tour with Robin. It was a full day full of stories which made D-Day come alive. The Canadian cemetery was the most moving spot we visited.  Robin is very well informed and obviously passionate about making history come alive. We learned a great deal more than most tourists would, from our day with him.  Bev & Brian, ON Canada.

Four-Day Normandy Pilgrimage Tour, including the Battle of Mortain.  May 2019.

I am writing to tell you how much Hunter and I enjoyed our tour of Normandy. It met all our expectations, and was well worth the cost.  Robin, our guide, gave us a detailed view of the historic events and took us to important places most other tourists never get to see.  He impressed us with his scholarship and deep understanding of the events. I was particularly happy that he took us right to the place in Mortain where my friend (2nd Lt Robert Weiss), had won his Silver Star, as I had requested. He also gave us substantial materials to study. I would recommend him for any other visitors who want more than a shallow overview of the principal sites. 

Dana Johnston’s review    WWII Normandy- Bayeux, France April 2019

Robin met us at the hotel as promised at approximately the time promised despite construction in the area resulting in traffic diversions. Following introductions, he led us to a comfortable seven passenger van. As he drove, he explained his plans for the day and the results of research he had done specific to the movements of the 105th Battery of the 3rd Canadian Anti-tank Regiment during the battle of Normandy. His explanations and information was delivered enthusiastically and in language that everyone in the group could understand. He was patient when answering questions and a pleasure to spend time with.

At each stop during the day he used maps mounted on cardboard as well as photos to explain -the movements and challenges of the Canadian forces engaged in the area. He recounted stories from soldiers’ diaries to make the experience more personal and, wherever possible, included information specific to the movements of the 105th Battery and/or the 3rd Regiment.

Robin did an impressive amount of preparation for our tour. He was obviously knowledgeable and passionate about the subject. He was patient, professional and personable in all aspects of the tour. At the end of the tour he provided a substantial amount of written material specific to the topics he’d presented throughout the day as well as several book titles we could read to explore further. I would rate this tour and Robin as excellent.  Dana Johnston, BC Canada. 

Single-day Canadian Normandy Battlefield Tour 2018. Robin was outstanding. He was engaging and enthusiastic, as well as knowledgeable. Robin brought documents, maps and photos to amplify his explanations. This was really helpful. After the tour, he gave us copies of a number of his papers for us to take, and to read at our leisure after the tour. One the best aspects of Robin’s delivery is the way he was able to personalise the events, by drawing on the stories of heroic acts by Allied soldiers and members of the French resistance. It was brilliant, and he had all the time in the world to spend to help us better understand and appreciate D-day events. Robin also provided directions which were instrumental to getting us to the Dieppe battle site… I don’t think we would have found it without his help.  Peter & Brenda, ON, Canada.   October 2018

US 4th Infantry Division Tour 2018

 “We arrived back to the states exhausted but very happy. It was wonderful putting some of the puzzle pieces together for my father’s tour of duty in WW II.  It certainly was the highlight of our trip and we thank you for all the information you gathered on my dad. You are very passionate about the war and the people who fought it.”

Gail, Ron and Pat  New York 2018.

Single-Day Canadian Tour 2018

Dear Robin,
I’ve just started looking through the folder you gave us after our tour.  It is excellent!  The data, photos and letters add much to the things we learned on our day tour.

We want to thank you again for a very insightful tour and everything you did to help us understand those important days in Canadian and allied history.

Peter - Canada 2018

Hi Robin

 Thank you for these great pieces of history !  we are finally finding time to go through the books you prepared for us of our tour....It brings back fond memories....we want to come back someday and do it again ! 

Valerie & Henry 2018

Normandy in a Nutshell Tour 2017
If you are looking for a knowledgeable person to lead you through the normandy battlefields, Robin is your man. He is an actual Battlefield Archeologist and we were lucky enough that he had some time to show us around in Normandy. 
We did 4 whole days (just the two of us) and these made it into a trip of a lifetime. Forget the big companies that take you on a photo tour of Normandy in a big group. Better just download some pictures from the internet because you will not take much more way with you. 
With Robin however you get to hear the stories of the men that actually were there on the day. He takes you on tour that may follow one specific unit from their parachute landing sites all the way to the final objectives they had to capture. Than he might even be able to show you the final resting place of some of the main characters in his stories. Stories that are the real deal, backed up by the actual war diaries as written by the troops as wel as interviews with the key players. This gave us an unique insight in what actually took place on D-day and them following months in the Normandy campaign.
He is able to place small actions into a bigger framework to show how the actions of often a single person managed to turn the tables in a battle. 
Just have a look at his website, or send him an email with what you would like to see. You will be pleasantly surprised at what he has to offer.
For us it was money well spent.
We will definitely be back next year because there is loads more to see.

Sander. Netherlands
September 2017