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All of my Normandy tours are accompanied by their own personalized itinerary, an individual guide book and information pack. All itineraries and routes are designed so that you will see as much as possible of interest to you.  More details and prices are available upon request.  If you are looking for something  different, please do contact me.

Whilst visiting Normandy battlefields is my main work, clearly it's not everyone’s glass of Calvados. If you require a souvenir, a snack or shopping this can be sandwiched into the schedule. You could even cram in a croissant!  

Whichever Normandy tour you choose, you will find it a worthwhile experience. Just sit back, relax and enjoy the tour!

Here is a sample listing of some of my current Normandy battlefield and history tours. I am constantly researching the sites on these tours and keeping up to date with recent discoveries. More tours are being added all of the time. If you fancy something different to what is listed below ....please ask! 

Currently in preparation (2017), is a single-day 6th Airborne tour looking at the glider and parachute landings on D-Day. 


Dieppe75 - 75th  Anniversary Tour   

To commemorate the 75th Anniversary of the 1942 Dieppe raid I have put together a rather special, single day tour. We consider the Canadian, British Commando, US Rangers and covert operations which took place on all five beaches in and around Dieppe on 19th August 1942.

We look at both the successes and the failures of this mission and the lessons we should have learnt from it.

This can be a single-day tour or a weekend,  depending upon your travel requirements.  

The Suffolk Regiment  in Normandy. - 2-day tour.

Following in the footsteps of the 1st Battalion The Suffolk Regiment. Starting at Sword Beach and Colleville Montgomery, on to the 'Hillman' and 'Morris' bunker complexes.  We visit Le Mesnil Wood, Chateau de la Londe, Banneville, Coquard crossroads, Tinchebray and finish in Flers.


Single-day Canadian tour 2017

The first part of our tour follows the Queen’s Own Rifles of Canada from their landing on Nan White beach, Bernieres-sur-Mer, to their costly battle of Le Mesnil-Patry on 11th June. At Beny-Sur-Mer Canadian War Cemetery we stop and examine some of their soldier’s stories.

The Second part of the tour covers takes us south of Caen. We look at two Operations which took place in July 1944. Operations Atlantic and Spring and the 'bloody' Battle for Verrières Ridge.

The Longest Day - Long weeked or mid week break


This is a short general interest tour which is ideal for a long weekend or mid-week break.  It is designed to fit around your ferry crossings.  In just two full-days touring we visit many of the key D-Day sites.  

We take a look at: Pegasus Bridge and the action of the 6th Airborne.   The Hillman and Morris Bunker complexes. Le Grand Bunker at Ouistreham and Sword beach.  Bayeux and  Arromanches artificial harbour.   Omaha beach and American Cemetery.  Pointe-du-Hoc and The exciting excavations at Maisy Battery.  Sainte-Mere-Eglise and Utah Beach.  

The Falaise Pocket. - 1-day tour.

At the conclusion of the Normandy campaign in August 1944,  the battered remains of the German armies were trapped and desperately trying to escape. We visit Chambois, Trun, Falaise,  Ecouche and Lambert-Sur-Dives.


Advance to Avranches  - Operation COBRA - 1 day tour.

We follow the US First Army in this decisive armoured action.  Starting with the massive carpet bombing between St Lo and Periers, we chase South, hot on the heels of the US armored divisions.  Making for Marigny,  continuing on to Coutances, pausing at Pont-de- la-Roque, and reaching into the Roncey pocket.  Advancing on to Avranches in the afternoon before breaking out into Brittany at Pontaulbault...

The Roncey Pocket July 1944

Battle of Mortain - Operation Luttich.   1-day tour.

‘One of the most significant small unit actions of the Second World War’. Eisenhower. 

This tour examines the failed German counter-attack of August 1944.  It was Hitler's last throw of the dice in Normandy.  An all out German armoured counter-attack, aimed at stopping the American advance at Avranches. A story of the 30th U.S. Army division's valiant struggle at Mortain, holding back the 1st and 2nd SS Panzer divisions.  It was also a relatively unknown success story for the RAF Typhoon squadrons.

Old Hickory US 30th Infantry Division. 
- 2 day tour.

This tour follows the actions of the 117th, 119th and 120th Infantry regiments.  We retrace their footsteps from their landing on the Normandy beachhead in June, the battle at Aerial Bridge in July and their eventual relief at Mortain in August 1944. 

Black Swans - The 1st Polish Armoured Division - 1-day tour.

This one day tour follows the tragedies and triumphs of the 1st Polish Armoured Division, as they fight in the final phase of the Battle of Normandy.

We trace the tank tracks through operations Totalize and Tractable; chasing the German army into the ‘Corridor of Death’, capturing Chambois and closing the Falaise pocket. Finally, we follow the Polish in their ferocious fighting for freedom in a desperate battle at Mont Ormel.

Operation Bluecoat

Operation Bluecoat- Is a very large British operation which took place at the end of July and beginning of August 1944.  This involved, amongst many others, the 3rd Infantry division and the 11th Armored Division. We follow their painful progress from Caumont to Tincherbray.  

We look at the armoured breakthrough of the Beny Bocage Ridge, the surprisingly  significant 'Dickies Bridge' and the Commonwealth Cemetery at Saint Charles-de-Percy.  

We follow the battles progress over ridges towards Vire.  We will study Sidney Bates' VC action near Sourdevalle, the tank battles around Chendolle and the lesser well known Operation Grouse-The battle of Tincherbray. 

The  Normandy  in a Nutshell. - 4-day tour.

This is a chronological tour exploring Battle of Normandy in the British Sector.  

We start by looking at 'Hitler's Atlantic wall' on Sword Beach. We visit  Le Grand Bunker, Pegasus Bridge and Café Gondree. Ranville cemetery and  the headquaters bunker Hillman and Morris gun battery. 


We retrace the tracks of the troops inland in the British sector.  Starting with the Mulberry Harbour at Arromanches and the gun battery at  Longues-Sur-Mer. We visit the Bayeux Commowealth War graves Cemetery and learn of some of the stories of those buried there.  We look at the Wessex division's battle in Operation Jupiter - Hill 112.  We finish the day with a Victoria Cross action by crossing the Orne river at Grimbosq.   


Operation Bluecoat- A very large British operation involving the 3rd Infantry division and the 27th Armored brigade. We follow their painful progress from Caumont to Vire.


On the Final day we follow the British/Canadian/Polish forces attempts to breakthrough to Falaise, in August 1944.  We examine operations Totalize and Tractable. Finally we look at the closing of the Falaise pocket at Trun and Chambois, and the capture of the remaining German forces in Normandy.


Longues-Sur-Mer Battery

Wessex Memorial on Hill 112