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Latest tour testimonial:

If you are looking for a knowledgeable person to lead you through the normandy battlefields, Robin is your man. He is an actual Battlefield Archeologist and we were lucky enough that he had some time to show us around in Normandy. 
We did 4 whole days (just the two of us) and these made it into a trip of a lifetime. Forget the big companies that take you on a photo tour of Normandy in a big group. Better just download some pictures from the internet because you will not take much more way with you. 
With Robin however you get to hear the stories of the men that actually were there on the day. He takes you on tour that may follow one specific unit from their parachute landing sites all the way to the final objectives they had to capture. Than he might even be able to show you the final resting place of some of the main characters in his stories. Stories that are the real deal, backed up by the actual war diaries as written by the troops as wel as interviews with the key players. This gave us an unique insight in what actually took place on D-day and them following months in the Normandy campaign.
He is able to place small actions into a bigger framework to show how the actions of often a single person managed to turn the tables in a battle. 
Just have a look at his website, or send him an email with what you would like to see. You will be pleasantly surprised at what he has to offer.
For us it was money well spent.
We will definitely be back next year because there is loads more to see.

Sander. Netherlands
September 2017